I want to be with you


I just want to be with you, I am tired of this game, Its all the same anyway, I just want to get married, settle down, and fell the heat of the skin.

I am tired of going around, without a stop, where I cant find love. Maybe you are good in bed, so I just want to get real wet, forget all the sorrows, wear the dress, you have borrowed me.

I have just become old, my love is not sold, you can maybe heat me, but you never can beat me, I just want to do my make-up, go to work, and fake it all up.

You can always try to fool me, but you know, I never been easy, you are too cruel to me, I just prepare a new meal, to have a sudden attack, the love to kill.

My friends are all at the catwalk, they have pretty guys to feed, they never get bored, of their lives, the guys give them everything, they dont need to be shy, they really control it.

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