Love lifes

Piia Myyry

I just write this week, these songs are for you, all day long you just start to, work at five o´clock, the days are long, you wanted or not, you just dont see it, since all the time, you have your own needs.

You all love your love lifes, its easy going guys, who like lifes, its not these kind of friends, who yeall at you all the days, so thay its all enough, you want to get rid of their space.

I love you, you are so cute, you stay with me all the nights, even you are busy, you have your shiny sky, you all do your life so bright, they have light lifes, its not the same at all, making every king of work, which you dont know.

You like the people, ¨we can see it from you, you make your life busy, so that you dont need to have friends, money is your only friend, it is ok for you.

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