Prevent their sex

Piia Myyry

You all tell how good you are, in everything, i know you from the youth, you were the same, already then, you beated the women, and drive with cars over them, to prevent their sex, to have a new patiences to the hospital, to suffer forever from their body aich.

You all are already parents, you have responsibilities of your children, you take the nannys from the gates, do you pay them salaries, ot the outlaw games, you beat women that they are tired,, 'so you can fuck easily, its not that they want is, its you you are obsessed with your jealousy, you are always left.

You have always been the same, you like your own games, you all get revenge of the words, you beat to beautiful women to the grave, of being with hookers, you have changed. You really want to marry these guys, nothing nice is not enough, you love your own lifestyle.

They are all fun, as long as, it doesnt come too personal, they want to see people suffer, they are always between, like my friends, like the same boys and women, forever you share them, its not nothing nice, they make them one-leg people, easily.

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