See my moves

Piia Myyry

You all like your lifestyle, you all have to do your own money, 'raise your family and childs,

you come to the city every night, you like the passion, round your friends, they boost your style,

you all have your own banks, you invest on buildings, so you life, its like a china town, everybody likes money,

more you gain it, the better you beat it, its a game with yoúr friends, who gets it all, its like a hongkong, all is on sale,

you just need to choose, of what you pay, you can have it all, you just need to find a good window.

You like to dance your own walch, money talks, i can see it iform your moves, you are like a latino guy,

heats slow, its their lifestyle, you can enjoy more, have rumba on your moves.

You can have an one night or more, you can play guitar and see my moves,

you can have it in your streets, it depends whof you feed. You have your own hill, its prestigeuos there your friends life.

Its on the mountains of barcelona or latin america, there you escape, when you have had enough of, all of it.

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