Solitary heaven of love (part 2)

Piia Myyry

You see your frieds, dont take ay time for us,just make new friends, I cant tel you, how to live, e ven though I have much to give. I have seen a lot, happiness and srrow, hw pepe wder, what to do or what not.

Maybe have seen too much, since I miss shelter to myself, <to make a home to your heart, not all to love, playlie acupido, so far. really care about us,we are already grown-ups , to search to reach that kind of love.

What you do, when yu ike to feed your sou? Hw d yu fulfi yur passion ad sous. Cest pas tout e passion, que tu dire, you are right, there is mre fieds t take care and feed. You can do things easiy r go to far. Hapy peope shose the light things t do, its gd to know how they want to be feeted and not.

Its not the first tie, when i see al goes like that. Its not a lok f love, its a look of bitter love, which yu dont need to fake or want to hear. I could ask you come, but I never see your face, when I have time. Its just pure sex, what you are loving, I dont need to even understand., i have seen houses built and rips apart, cause of fake love.

Thats about the continuation, which I myself, love, We can take some nice things cheer up our lives.<<everything can be arranged, just have fun.

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