The way of life


You are a man, you can seach for experiences, an a change for a new, you have a lot ot loose, when you are a fool, they really have nothing to give, except their skin, just an easy life, you think its all just fun, but all the others have the education adn they have learned to run, to the better places, since it should be the one same face, you need to stand for a long time.

There is really no winners, its just a way of life, which matters. I have seen the man who have it all, but they have broken the family of their own, its really not a big deal, if you dont have the kids. it is just the split lifes, and really have nothing to give.

You better know yourself, if you are a team player and want something else. but you have lied to me, selffishly enough, to have it all. I just like the business life and style, the money of course, and the hunting time for sure. I dont have the mans lifestyle like you, I am a woman, thats for sure.

To just life for yourself, enjoy ot the event, is just another style of living, you can fo a one thing in many ways, from the style, you just see, what you like.

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