Who do you give it all?

piia myyry

Who do you give yourself? All the pain, sorrow and deseases? Who deserves all the good from you, love. welfare and desire. Who do you give it all?

Are you ready to loose it too? one, gardinal mistake can change it all. Do you long for something new? Is is a realy worth it? Does it give more than this life on eearth? a life with me and the kids.

I have gone through a hard school. NOthing there comes for free. it sucks time to time all energy, just to be able to gain profession wich is not sc. free. Anyway, nothing has gone throught easily, you have worked to gain something real.

I want the kids to have an easier life. Something without all this lifefight. you have had all the relationships, those have carried you easier forth, we all have though our seasons, when there is just time to agian move on.

i have searcher a better future for a long time. It hasntn been easy, it has been lonely after all. I wish to be with my husband forever, have no mess and stay still not vulnarable.

you have promissed me, we have a family. I am starting to work at your company. this all is because of the kids, we are not the kids anymore, we both have a lot of responsbilities, we dont take any risks.

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Löydätkö sen yhden ja ainoan oikean ratkaisun?

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