Women make you mean

Piia Myyry

You all have the same crimes, against the authorities you fights, all is obeyed in laws, you brake every order you get, to prevent peoples work, you all have beated everybody around you, they are all in hospitals, everyday you make new connections, its your game.

You all have been informed, to the city, you all make violance at peoples offices, you keep it fun, but you broke their neck all the time, so you have something to do, it has been like this over the years, the same rolls every days, you are between everything, you make big injuries, in global, surrefing just feeds you, there is all the time security check problems, where you are and what to be.

Make crimes but cant heal them, obeys everything, which is illegal, but helps nothing, you have seen it again, and again, like in football games, the strongest win, you beat them like old days, animals, to get them down, and food, city life is not a slauhgtering house, there is no need for them, women make you mean.

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