You are the one

Piia Myyry

You all sit at homes, you go nowhere you must have something wrong, in our brains, you dont want to see anybody, you have a big amount of relatives, to talk about, you all drink coffee all the time, all the work is done, so you can life a better life, you all are the criminal ones, there is again the mouse fight, you benefit of it all, you are all the time between it all.

You cant get the same act over the years, this kind of life you really miss, no-one is keen on raw life, its all surgeries new style, to take again organs, for a new life, you beat the children the cancer patiences, so you yourself can treath them, with new medicines.

You all have the whole day to do something, you just roll around the streets, and do nothing, you sit all day at home, and wait for the second day, or evening, you have nothing to be afraid of, you are the one, jwho peope are fed up for, you can really say with your friends, ill men do the decidions, of behalf of their friends.

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