You never change your things

Piia Myyry

You all have the same kind of lifestyles, you do to work, and slip of the raw violance, agains the kids and wifes, you roll the same circle like in muslim countries, the women have some product value, even the own block count nothing.

You have lived you own life, you take your kids nowhere, to enjoy the life, its all about the relatives in north, the really are not keen on yourlife or work, it all roles the same, your fun is to be between the good things, you never change your things, you have the same group of people, they take the distance with anger,. thats what you need.

You all want to stay around, living like this like countryside, you all have your new rooms, you life is so selfcentered, i never want to see your face, or to go to the places you move..

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