You really are eval

Piia Myyry

You all want your violent surroundings, you like to beat humans, in the gates, like they have no meaning, you focus on your own need, they have already several kids, you just need you own living, we are ashamed you of your educating, there is nothing, you have your teenage needs.

You all have the same kids, its your own life, you all like the same games, no wonder you have the same kind of living, you all have the same years, you are already in elderly home age, still you yous violance, you really are mean as a parents, nobody wants to see you, you run your own days, i havens seen your friends, for many years.

You all have your own better surrounding, you go to hookers, normal people have no value, you live in your outlaw zones, you have all the time your own, mistakes and problems of your legal zones. Its all in police, has been over the years, you really are eval, you beat to people with your friends, dont you know what is legal, you like your outlaw friends, those you really see and are connected, over the days.

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