You really like it

Piia Myyry

You all are criminal between the sex, you all select the moment, like your own speks, you do everything how you want, you beat women blind, they have no afford to pay your fun, you all can go to court, its your own crimes againt the humans, at your work.

You really care about the money, you get it illegal way, you just need to make mistakes, all the time, you have the criminal fun you all love sex and violencce, for you its just fun.

You see in the court, 'you beat the people in the rooms, you do all in the shadow, you have your windows open, all day long, there you run your cristal ball life, it seems to be always a fight night, like you and your dad like it.

You have all the fun wity your bandix, you get the kids to rontgen, even you could choose a lighter world, you take them to horse bag riding, its raw sport, but you like to see kid, they are dropping all, you just enjoy of it.

You really are a good parent, you never see your kids, you cause them new diseaces, everyday, you have no stop to your games, 'you let the women do all the work, you really like it.

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