Your love is invisible

Piia Myyry

I dont see you much, your love is invisible, you do what you want, see people, i dont see you much, you just need to see people, you have all your fans, its your life, you like to make a fights, all the time you have the same style, its not even nice to see you, you like to control people and their things.

They move alone to the other cities, you make them suffer and revent their work, just learning new military things, looking for a new wictim, its your own life, you do nothing, get excited of attention, even if it is violance and mean.

You like to change women, not the work, or anything like that, what you need, you just do things, you really decide nothing, its all impulsive, the anger to people, you are sample for people, who use you, that is what you seem to need.

You have your own connections, usually its work, and security, you do everything an your own, the coffee time, is importent, and talking, that is enough, for you and your friends, its now a corona season, everything is late, it starts to be irritating to wait.

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