Steen1 feat. Mariska

Mariska: This bruise huh?, "I dunno where it came from", even tho it was one nurse/caretaker, I'm not sure if he got some kicks when he forced in to same wc-booth, I yelled get out so he confused my face to a mop grapped the braid, hit head to the floor, didn't that dude realise how much it hurt, when managed to stand, I pulled up my pants, room again empy, I went back to the window to watch weather.

Steen1: For couple months It has been looking a way or spell to resist an abusive nurse/caretaker and though an escape in a world of adults, in at children's prison (=foster home) there is not one. Day after day It walks endless hallways and to It nurses/caretakers push more drugs. not by the way, but It doesn't realise anything about this life, no one has stopped for It not a moment. Because all hope is lost, It is already twelve, It can not become anything special. It's parents did not care for It, no one else isn't going to, seems there is not other option than close It to It's room, It has in there posters and magazines, that's better than loitering in the streets, It is one room prisoner, It might feel bad, but right dose is going to help It numb.

Mariska: I know a lot about people of opposing apartment building, I watch them all day between curtains. Here nothing happens, I don't have anyone at here, I don't realise why I am still kept (here) like I have done something bad, (my) only crime was, that my mom is guided by King Alcohol, dad died before I could even remember him, now I'm in a place where these guys don't care. They push drugs if I make noice, all these kids in this facility are lethargic, I watch the scenery and wonder why i'm still here even my sister said this is not really my place. I've heard what kind of things people can do, how am I an exception, my only right is to see opposing houses/buldings lives, I will miss a lot and, again drugs they sensed my apprehension.

Steen1: (Fosterhome based) Isolation of a child can last up to two days at maximum, but lemme tell you how to circumvent the law. 'Rooming-in' is the name, keep the door open to the hallway, if a child steps outside it is taken back to the room and I know that is also more to the pay check when caretaker 24/7 helps the child, extra dose of psyche medication, you can be sure that It does not kick or throw stuff. Raising angels from problem/troubled kids, let's do not talk about the white (lab)coat nazi, whose actions/deeds you can see from childrens looks, from wrist wrapped up in bandages, invisible bands thightly around the head. Drugs tell when tired and when brighten, nice man gives a pill, surely you get sleep, this is how we raise a new brave society.'

Mariska, Steen1: Once again little princess is sitting at the window, in a world built by adults, mouth stays shut, still screaming for help, without love It sits at the window. Once again little princess is sitting at the window, almost two months drug hopped, for helpless life is shit, without love It sits at the window.

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