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Black Ninja
Battle Beast

In the darkness she is dancing with her lover oh oh In the silence of the mountain hall she'll rest forever oh oh In the darkness she is dancing with her lover oh oh In the silence of the mountain hall she'll rest…

84.03 %
The Black Swordsman
Battle Beast

…Can you feel my pain? Can you see me in the fire? Can you hear my screams? Is this real or am I dreaming? Can you taste my fear? Oh no, is this real? Can't believe my eyes I swear I'll tear your wings apart…

71.28 %
Rock Trash
Battle Beast

…reindeer, am I in Lapland? Oh god, I wanna go back to Tampere! Rock Trash, come on! We are rock trash the lust for life the crazy nights make us feel alive We are rock trash we don't blush we don't hush until we crash Rock Trash!…

60.37 %
Beauty of the Beast

…Spitting out the misery in me Still a sinner rapes a thousand saints Sharing the same hell with me Sanest choice in this insane world: Beware the beast but enjoy the feast he offers Beware the beast but enjoy the feast

45.50 %
Enter The Metal World
Battle Beast

…It's not the sun in the sky That shines on me when I cry It's not the one we all can see The one that lives in me I'm afraid of never finding her on time Gonna pray I'll never die The nightmare has begun Enter the…

44.75 %
Speed And Danger
Battle Beast

…Are you a mad man or a girl gone insane? You're welcome to join our circles of doom Taking no orders, we spit on the rules You got what you came for, it's race or die! Speed and Danger, Speed and Danger Nitro in my…

43.98 %
Black Rain
Nylon Beat

…trough May And when the summer came I waited in vain It was a lonely June again Like black rain from the clear blue sky falling on me You left me without saying goodbye alone as can be Like black rain on a summer night…

39.43 %
Battle Beast

…One and only reality Fatal journey to infinity Chase the monster of the seven seas Face it, kill it, and you'll be free I am thy strength, I am thy sword My name is Madness And I'm the light you need in darkness You…

37.72 %
Lady In Black

…She came to me one morning One lonely Sunday morning Her long hair flowing In the midwinter wind I know not how she found me For in darkness I was walking And destruction lay around me From a fight I could not win Ah ah…

32.67 %
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