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Bitch Fever
Bad King

…Have you ever given up on something that was more than lovely life? Have you ever seen a man who was ready to give up on ev'rything he had? Bitch fever, bitch fever. She took hold of my hand, I get struck by another…

100.00 %
Mikael Gabriel

…enemmän ku paperi young matafaka mä sanon sulle suoraan ettei horosta voi tehdä vaimoo ja tyttö sä oot bitch sä oot bitch sä oot beibe Mä annoin niille kaiken ja ne anto mulle vähäsen tosi vähäsen mä annoin niille parhaan ja…

74.83 %
Turkinpippuri (denis diss bitch)
52.27 %
Elmu u

…in a friend lambo around the city with evil bitches without you (you ) Bad bitches slide my dm and i take them over and no one screams better for me then you next to me so shake that ass If you are wrong go left if…

38.92 %
The Witch-Hunter

…that seems to matter Is how we read between the lines The truth is hiding somewhere behind your words But your snake-tongue leads me easily astray Thou shalt not suffer the witch to live I just got to find the final…

38.89 %
Sitting at the kitchen

I just sit on the train to see you, i wait to arrive to my new town, ot see how it is and how there sounds, how the people are, how they have theated you, so far. I just sit home and watch tv, these is nothing during…

36.06 %
Lil Peep

…[Chorus] You don't even know what I've been through (What I've been through) You don't gotta like me, ya bitch do (Bitch do) Blowin' up my phone like, "I miss you" (Like I miss you) You know I love you by the way that I

30.39 %
I Am
Bad King

…No heart, empty words - I thought you were dead. I really need a place where I can cool my little head. The further I reach, the more can I find. Love is a bitch, could you be more kind? I gotta go on as long as I live…

29.90 %
cobain (ft. Lil Tracy)
Lil Peep

…[Chorus: Lil Peep] I just fell in love with a bad bitch Told me that she love me, too, baby, I'm not havin' it Sniffin' cocaine 'cause I didn't have no Actavis Smokin' propane with my clique and the bad bitches Call me…

29.51 %
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