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You run kartell
Piia Myyry

…their time, it your new zone. You dont need to see people, you controle their moves, make them feed, your own violance all day long, you keep it fun, you are already 50 years old. nobody gets rid of you, we call police…

46.05 %

…believed in, every lie that you told For every fight, you let my out in the cold For every reason... heeeeyaa heeeeyaa I bring the karma, you better run run run yeah, it's coming your way (hoohoowei)(hoohoowei) I bring the…

20.03 %
Its your diseases
Piia Myyry

…and make crimes, all your days, you are still bulvan at your workplace, its just fun for them, who have the same lifes, you run a real bad firms, they beat people to the invelides, its just science that they make.…

16.37 %
Its your rocky world
Piia Myyry

…I like black people, they know rhythm and beat, thats what you need, you have the same lationo lives, its easy, you run your business lifes, run dmc is you icon, all life, making money is your slogan, all the time. you…

15.15 %
You have fun
Piia Myyry

fun of people, you like to torture people, and play with the doctors, how they treat you. You are already retired, you have fun, you dont need to run around, just talk, it all has gone different, people have opinions, of…

13.92 %
Drawn & Quartered

…must be If I'm drawn and quartered It's only for you Hold that thought down forever In all shades of blue So why won't you (why won't you)? Been waiting to Why won't you go on and run? Every part of me wants to believe…

13.69 %

…out of the world you belong in And you can scream 'cos there's no-one to hear you anyway Hiding is easier when you're lying Now is the time when you must run like no-one's run before Darkness never comes alone to greet…

12.97 %
They love money
Piia Myyry

…time with the friends, changing their thoughts, i just go there to see football. You all love your own zones, thats why you have chosen it, my friends own restaurants, its their game places nowadays, they have 7 of them…

12.31 %
Your libido is vital
Piia Myyry

…to suffer, it goes easy. As long as you get laid, everything is just fine, 'you really cant run a family, your libido is to vital, you really run after your needs, you really love your life, beating goes easily. You…

11.96 %