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Roller Coaster

…heart Red and black, the only color's dancing in the dark Roller coaster got us dipping dipping dipping Solid ground but then we slipping slipping slipping Up and down it's never ending ending ending I wouldn't have it any…

100.00 %
9.86 %
Stressed Out
Anna Abreu

…fast on your roller coaster You'll be screaming till the ride is over Can't we skip to the happy ending If I have no way I would never let the flames get higher Fighting back only fans the fire Can't we skip to the happy…

9.58 %
Master Passion Greed

…, never wrong More more more more more Master passion greed Master passion greed "Hello. How are you? Let me explain one thing. All for her and more for me Why is it so hard to see? I see no sense in doing this Not enough…

8.32 %
Wishmaster (Live)
8.18 %
Tutankhamen (Remastered)

…We'll breed to fill all earth Three milleniums it took me to guard your rest Your slumber in mighty Phoenix's nest But tonight the darkness in the tomb has perished For Carter has come to free my beloved…

8.04 %
Ghost Brigade

…my ghost will stay whole I am exhausted Feels like I'm reaching the end I keep on falling You were my master You treated me like a pet Now I have my own opinion Cut off the ropes Seal my wounds Let me run away to find…

8.04 %
Vastaus sisälläin
Monster High
7.97 %
Beating Gets Faster
Hanoi Rocks

…I know you and you know me I know that you will always stand by me If I'm down in the hole Or out in the streets Nothing else matters baby If it's you and me Yeah, yeah, yeah It's beating faster and faster And it…

7.09 %
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