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Always By My Side

…no way that I could try to stop it Your love keeps on holding me so tight There's no way that I could try to fight it YOU - are always by my side YOU - keep holding me tonight YOU - I could never hide Keep on lovin' me…

100.00 %
Love Is The Best Way To Kill
P. M. Kostiainen Project

…Consentrate and defeat Masquerade fade away Catphrase in your face What it takes, counterfeit Show me your heart 'cos I don't trust you Love is the best way to kill If my brains are downstairs Then you could swallow my

86.45 %
Better Off This Way

…light and maybe some more 'Cause I'm free now and I'm better off this way, yeah! Gonna ride my Harley, drink some Jack because I can, I'm crazy like that I'm alone but damn I'm better off this way! It goes without sayin…

84.70 %
New Way Home
Isac Elliot
84.23 %
Let Go feat. Kristinia DeBarge
69.12 %
Get Away
Doom Unit

…I've decided I will live another day I was divided There's no other way You remind me Of what I've become Wake me up inside Before I come undone If I'm the one to blame I let you get away I know I had it all All the…

68.31 %
Poison Girl

…love's heart is death For me and my poison girl The fire in her eyes grew dim and then died As the poison inside reached her heart And the coldest bliss faith ceased to exist As we grew apart like never before I did

65.73 %
Let go redrama
Redrama feat. Kristinia DeBarge
65.46 %
Demolition Soul
Doctrine Wavers

…? When my body and soul won’t obey anymore. Pain, gain, I wear my bomb with dignity Greed, stain, my entity shatters hard. Pain, gain, I wear my bomb with dignity Greed, stain, my entity shatters hard. Did I get it

64.49 %
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