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Never Wanna Stay
Old Polaroid

…Missing you is the hardest thing i have ever known But its heavier when you said i'll go away I see you really love him And maybe this is my way To missing you, but you never wanna stay Never wanna stay I could'nt…

100.00 %
I Have Nothing

…further I don't want to have to go where you don't follow I won't hold it back again, this passion inside I can't run from myself There's nowhere to hide Don't make me close one more door I don't wanna hurt anymore Stay in my…

90.68 %
I Help You Hate Me
Sunrise Avenue

I know you wanna see me falling out, falling out the window I know you wanna see me crashing down, crashing with my plane Baby, I'm way too young to die But I'll help you get over me I broke many hearts through out my…

77.11 %
I Just Died In Your Arms

…Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight It must have been something you said I just died in your arms tonight I keep looking for something I can't get broken hearts lie all around me And I don't see an easy way to get…

59.61 %
Left Outside Alone
Blind Channel

…despair Wanna breathe, can't find air Thought you were sent from up above But you and me, we never had love So much more I have to say Help me find a way And I wonder if you know, how it really feels To be left outside alone…

58.13 %
Bad King

…easy to kill. Maybe it was already said, she was cannibal. (Never ever thought I would need that thing. Wanna love, wanna kill - are you talking to me?) Holding someone’s heart in her hands kinda tells it all. (Never…

58.10 %
I Wrote a Song for You
Isac Elliot

…We don't talk much And I got two years worth of stories But we don't talk much, no I don't sleep much And my heavy head that's full of worry Hasn't changed much, no If I call, would you pick up? It's the only thing I

58.00 %
You have nothing to give
Piia Myyry

You get what you wanted, you dont see yur friends, you have nothing, but it doesnt borther you at all, i dont want to see you more, you can go to fuck those people, i am not in gates, i dont know how you look. I am not…

57.69 %
Let's lie
Isac Elliot
57.08 %
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