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Where Were You Last Night

…Still Spinning round in my head How I regret everything that I said Why did I tell you to go Saving my pride but losing my soul I'm here all alone Still wait by the phone The hours go by What else could I do but to cry…

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…temperature is just right Oh my, in this light, love is what you might find Summer nights, outside, looking up at blue skies A heart kind, mind a like, great time to be alive I dance for the Summer I dance for the Summer

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Closer to you
Park 7

…matter what I do I like me the most when I am closer to you I don't know where I'll be after the summer They ask me about it twice a week I've heard that come away, you're with me So I guess that I will be okay Take a look…

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The summer time

I just like the summer time, it is an easy era to life in a country side, everywhere in the world, everyone likes the sun, and the light wind the hairs to wave, Do you even know, how it is to live in the north pole…

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Last forever

…Yeah, i got what you like, ya Don't put up a fight, no no no Put you on a flight, Girl you out'a sight, yea yea yea en osaa loppui, sori:(…

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What About Me
Isac Elliot

…the clouds But here let me help you down So don't tell me that you wanna start working it out when it's too late to question now What about me? What about what I want? Wanna know what I think? No I didn't think so I, I

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I don't know how I should feel about you You've mixed up every single emotion that I feel Before you I was so hopeless before you I was so blind I didn't see the possibility to find my guy Until You just came into my…

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Last in Line
Nylon Beat
55.21 %
Doggie Bag

…it back You said you'd love me the way I am If I was everything you wanted me to be Gotta stop and turn... All because of you, all because of you I finally know that what I have is one of a kind All because of you, all because of you I finally know that I should truly cherish mine…

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