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Still On My Mind
Satin Circus

…the meaning Oh, I'm still believing in you You and I, years gone by Baby you're still on my mind Alone together when the sun went down You and me beneath the evening skies If you knew that I'm still thinking of you would…

98.58 %
Eesti (on my mind)
Juice Leskinen

…kirosana, tana) Eesti, Eesti, Eesti! sinne tahdon vain Eesti, Eesti, Eesti! kaipaan sinne perkeleesti Eesti, Eesti, Eesti! On my mind! Byrokraatit teksteistä tappel siin kun taustoja nauhoitti Apelsin. Minä tein niille…

65.32 %
As If

…of kind and so mind numbing It's kind of like losing touch And I can't find me inside I hide in an empty smile And I have left me behind In words that aren't mine The scene, the scene - the screen's endless In style in

49.97 %

…burning in my heart I see it in your eyes, you feel it too I keep the dream alive for me and you I never let you go so baby take my hand and let them know we're unbreakable I shout it from the rooftop, yeeah my mind is…

43.99 %
One More Magic Potion

…come in with kind words From her pot arose a scent so weird Stunning and bitter but very summoning Bring me a magic potion it will heal my aching wounds A taste so bitter that makes my bleeding soul feel so good It will…

40.74 %

…wounded my hide And I've got snakes in my eyes And I've got snakes in my mind, mind Peace of my mind is cast in iron Come on now baby, ride on Down to the root of life, life No, no, don't give me more of your glow Come…

40.13 %
My Selene
Sonata Arctica

…rhyme I'm still alone in the dead of night Silent I lie with smile on my face Appearance deceives and the silence betrays As I wait for the time My dream comes alive Always out of sight But never out of mind And under…

40.05 %
Blind Channel

…flames I'm nothing but a dreamer, dreamer Stay alive for the shivers, shivers Die for the fever, fever, fever Stop treating me like a fool I'm freezing trying to keep my cool You don't know me or what I've been through So now I'm Stuck in a body that wants to survive While me mind is telling me to die What doesn't kill me makes me……

39.70 %

…moves her body And even if the sky came falling down She would still be on my mind She don't even have to say a word Cause everything is written in her pulse And there's a hurricane in her eyes, it get's me so bad She…

39.17 %
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