Blind Channel

Been living in a fantasy Bad habits and blasphemy You wouldn't believe the shit I've seen You see Where I'm going you can't follow me It's so high it's getting hard to breathe I have a side I couldn't let you see Ask myself Who do you think you are? Oh no, who do you think you are? I'm nothing but a dreamer, dreamer Stay alive for the shivers Who do you think you are Cry me a river I bathe in the waves Throw me to fire I dance in the flames I'm nothing but a dreamer, dreamer Stay alive for the shivers, shivers Die for the fever, fever, fever Stop treating me like a fool I'm freezing trying to keep my cool You don't know me or what I've been through So now I'm Stuck in a body that wants to survive While me mind is telling me to die What doesn't kill me makes me…

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