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Its their gift
Piia Myyry

…nothing to do with families, anymore, you have chosen wrong, 'you have kids, behind very door. They all know you are rich, ' they want your dick, its their gift, you come from poor lifes, you have nothing, even any degree, you havent seen the life.…

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Set Me Loose
Bad King

…it, do it. And let me know. Just let me know how far it goes, 'cause I ran out of dreams and I'm stuck on you. I can't tell if this is meant to be, I'd like to see will it set me free. Feel it once and you'll do it…

24.41 %

…we burnt our wings and flew too high we gave too much eye for an eye we lost ourselves in this endless fight you lit me up like fire gone are the days but still i'm not giving in you set me on fire and left me burnt…

8.80 %
Sweet Pandemonium

…Today Tomorrow seems so far away And the wait in vain So safe In the blinding light of love unchained In yesterday's grave The truth that could set souls free Is buried within sweet pandemonium Concealed by disbelief…

7.78 %
My Tribe

…My hand follow the sunrise my tribe unity in one Big drum, set the pace fever in our veins feel, feel, feel the life flowing through us all the time Follow the sunrise unity in one Big drum...…

7.50 %
Cali y el dandee ft danna paola nada
cali y el dandee ft danna paola

…engaño hasta tu perfume Y hace más de un año que yo me enteré Cuánto me ha dolido, no te mentiré Antes tú eras la que me besa, ahora te duele la cabeza Si antes teníamos mil sueño’, ahora por sueño te dormiste, qué…

7.22 %
Sea Of Dreams
Battle Beast

…I, I still remember the feeling deep divine But time has stolen my love for you Oh Angel, my beauty in white The kiss of death is all I need Set me free from the night To a place without a name Wake me up from the Sea

6.35 %

…Ne ei ikin uskonu (uu u) Way back ku oltii takapihal ei sstressii, Nekrut ei ikin pysty set up mul on keissi. Drip drip, ne tietää drippaan niinku vesi, Nykyää ei pysty liikkuu ilman terää messis. Way back ku oltii…

5.80 %
Perhosveitsi-Heikki ja Lika-Aki

…, baarissa radottaa, ittensä kadottaa, missä maa vajottaa S niinku sekoilee uudet viivat blondie Ö niinku överit Z niinku zombie Heikki, sä tiedät sen nimen, meininki harvinaisen harmooninen, Minuuttia vie sua viuna ja…

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