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…I've got lots of reasons to smile today Feels like the world is turning my way Come out tonight, the temperature is just right Oh my, in this light, love is what you might find Summer nights, outside, looking up at blue…

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The summer time

…I just like the summer time, it is an easy era to life in a country side, everywhere in the world, everyone likes the sun, and the light wind the hairs to wave, Do you even know, how it is to live in the north pole…

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Windows Down

…The 19th summer of my life so far I tried to play them drums like a rockstar I got the hair, the jeans, aviators and all and a car completely overhauled Well, it came glidin' down the maildrop Something that I'd been…

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Its just a summer job
Piia Myyry

…hospitals, with your friends. You all have some life at past, 'you have the kids already adults, you teach them new habbits everyday, its just a summer job, everything is new, you like to pay it hard, see the life, with new meanings.…

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Still On My Mind
Satin Circus

…time of our lives I'd go back to that summer Just to get to kiss you So many things we discovered, yeah I'd go back to that summer Can't you see I miss you Years gone by, baby you're still on my mind Cause you showed me…

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Midsummer Night

…Growing up with the wild bears Breathing the smell of burning wood Rain and clouds my only friends Sun and moon and stars my life Now it's time of a midnight sun The eternal light and a breathing night Call the gods…

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Macaron Box - HurHur x Judi(n)

…ready food partenings. I tooked with me macaron boxenings. Macaron box is my favorite food I can make it tasty and spicy too! It is sometimes parembs than the Marin broiler. In my car... ...I have a back spoiler // Judi…

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My distant cousin
Piia Myyry

…Sometimes I am just lucky, everything is easy, you just have gained it, its just like a flow, you can just nail it all. Do you know this is a tiny land, in somewhere else, you have just a riskier land, my cousins like…

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Black Rain
Nylon Beat

…without saying goodbye alone as can be Like black rain on a summer night falling on me You took away my love and light but I still believe Next March I've got your note You said: some day That letter gave me hope All…

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