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Sunrise Avenue

…you, satisfy you You'll never wanna let me go I'm gonna kick them out of my way I'm gonna find us a place to stay You will love me, satisfy me I'm gonna win this little game 6-0 I'm gonna hunt until I get you And when I…

75.14 %
0 tolerance for violance
Piia Myyry

…You all are already over aged, you work in industrial sector, you work all day long, you have good works, you still have another kind of style, you talk and work on chanel, where you can be, what your person really is…

59.21 %
50.68 %
Sleep Tonight
Satin Circus

…could only be us two Now we've won Obstructions overcome And now we're the only ones Living life like it has just begun Don't you worry I'll stay up all night The monsters under your bed Can't hurt you tonight I'll hold your head I'll jump instead I'll make your nightmares mine So you can sleep tonight…

48.85 %
Sleepwalker (Original Version Bonus Track)
44.78 %
Violence and substance abuse
Pelle Miljoona United

…Jartsu is home alone again and watching TV Gangsters shot by cops is all that this kid can see Mom is working night shifts and his dad is unable After school the food was some sandwiches on the table TV programs end and

42.27 %
Passion and the Opera
40.81 %
Kuin jäisellä peltikatolla
Leevi and the Leavings
40.14 %
38.55 %
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