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Concealed Revulsions
Ghost Brigade

…The beaten ends of this sickening life And mistakes we've been crying about Born to a world of lies It's the constant sorrow - bolted into your heart You own the agony - the one I'm looking for Meaningless mess boils…

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A global world

…I just want to stay at home, its cold outside, its not a summer, no more. You have a work, of which, you can take a distance, to the warmer levels, why are you still staying home, in european levels? At the moment, I…

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Cutting Corners
Hanoi Rocks

…to cut corners or fade away Have to cut corners or fade away Going through channels In ties and grey flannels Just slows everything down And when I want a thing I want it right away Going straight for the heart Tears your wardrobe apart But it wears the other guy down I may look a mess But I'm dressed to get my way…

24.07 %
Outta My Head

…erase you, I've tried to replace you But I can't get you outta my head My hearts torn to pieces, and I'm such a mess I can't get you outta my head Outta my head, outta my head Outta my head,…

21.92 %
Battle Beast

…can't escape from me 'Coz I'm Madness And I will tear your soul apart We die as one As one Know your demons to know where to strike Dark is their home and well they hide Bloodbound battle, a quest for truth I'm the last…

20.82 %
Rebel Yell

…, just as long it don't mess up his hair I walked the walls for you babe A thousand miles for you I dried your tears of pain 666 times for you I'd sell my soul for you, babe For money to burn just for you I'd give you all…

20.58 %
Who do you give it all?
piia myyry

…easy, it has been lonely after all. I wish to be with my husband forever, have no mess and stay still not vulnarable. you have promissed me, we have a family. I am starting to work at your company. this all is because of the kids, we are not the kids anymore, we both have a lot of responsbilities, we dont take any risks.…

20.14 %
Rodhouse blues

a guitar act next to a hot dog stand. And she wasn't even seemingly drunk. That's when it hit me.. You're leaving here with me altough you thought that I look like a fucking mess You didn't seem to stress too much 'bout…

19.05 %

…Master! Apprentice! Heartborne Seventh Seeker Warrior! Disciple! In me the Wishmaster Master! Apprentice! Heartborne Seventh Seeker Warrior! Disciple! In me the Wishmaster Elbereth Lorien A dreamy-eyed child staring…

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