I Got This

Scrappy from Pup Star

Been down since i first looked up surviving on the streets like a low rad wolf pup scratching and a scrapping every day to survive nothing comes easy when your living on the curb side everyday every minute is a hustle don't have to look far if your looking for a tussle it's dog eat dog better watch your back if your messing with me gotta deal with my pack yo p.u.p. with a beat so tight it's time to chew it up with m.c.bite my main dog ruff always keeping it fresh with my crew by my side you know that I got this I'm a pup with an attitude a kind of pup with something to prove I got this, That Girl Is Diamond Tough I got this Got The Skills If You Wanna Play Rough yeah I got this Don't Mess With Scraps Or She'll Rap You Up my groove is gonna prove to world that I got this we're the dog pound crew with no pedigree got a bond so strong like a family Drop it low show'em P.u.p I'll be boxing that beat like a masterpiece I got rhymes So sublime to Make a blind cat see if you try and keep Her down You'll be barking up the wrong tree I can flat Out outshine any canine or feline cause she's brighter than the starshine So step aside cause it's time to grips better Read my lips telling you I got this I got this yeah yeah I got this my grooves gonna prove to the world that I got this

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