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A unique star (joululaulut 6)

…innocence left, like we all know it for real. They all shine like the stars, in the countries very far, its like a stardust to see, it is just hard you to dust for real, you are just a criminal of love, so tender, you cant find it often, its like a unique star.…

64.32 %

…I feel Say o-o-o-Oh If you don't have to say that you real You R.E.A.L. This ain't fashion for me, this ain't rapping for me It's my life not a game, I ain't having defeat It's back-taxes and death in my family B Sober…

57.40 %
This Moment Is Eternity

…Day possesses no key here Where moon sheds the cold twilight This moment is eternity Land of beauty Cold and cruel Fjeld chants echoing Reflecting the melancholy Trust the wind Trust the fire Call for the hermit The hermit of the night Land of raven Land of bear Land of eagle And wolverine Dismal are the mirrors of a wolf…

47.00 %
Junkie For Your Love
Anna Abreu

…said As you left, are still echoing in my head And this burning that I feel Shows to me That our love was for real refrain Junkie for your love…

45.75 %
Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)

…one last thing I know to be real is the shadow of you Killing love with a kiss Let's reenact the fall for the acoustic funeral Killing love with a kiss…

44.76 %
Blood Is The Price Of Glory

…the enemy with their feet Without fear they fight Can you hear the call of the North star Feel its longing in your heart This bound is eternal Sworn through blood At the end we will stand as one! Even if the daylight…

42.75 %
time for sport
piia myyry

…with me, its tie us together in gym to see. I pley you some gilry music, its fun like las ketchups, yu see the band still. yu have achiveda lawsuit, your work is sport, soon you retire and have real fun. Yes, at this

42.39 %
Dreams feat. Ramona
Pale Tone

…it's all good baby, it's all good... kertosäe Yeah, this is for everyone Who told me I was sucker And I would never reach anything And those who didn't, haha See ya later, I got party waiting Yeah baby kertosäe x2…

41.66 %
Violence and substance abuse
Pelle Miljoona United

…sitting at home, waiting for their dads pay real well for Liisa for the honey they got in And with that money Liisa buys some more heroin Do not ask me where all this violence comes from! Do not ask me why there is so much substance abuse!…

39.92 %