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Two for Tragedy

…the candle bed Two saddened angels - in heaven, in death Now let us lie Sad we lived sad we die Even in your pride I never blamed you A mother's love Is a sacrifice Together sleeping Keeping it all No sympathy No eternity One light for each undeserved tear Beneath the candle bed Two souls with everything yet to be said…

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Can't Give Up On Love
Isac Elliot

…on love One heart is the lonely one Two and we'll do better together Can't give up on love Three: I've got a crush on you Four: I wish we could get much closer Can't give up on love I gotta go, gotta go Before I lose…

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One more Cup of Coffee
Juice Leskinen

…Your breath is sweet Your eyes are like two jewels in the sky Your back is straight your hair is smooth On the pillow where you lie But I don't sense affection No gratitude or love Your loyalty is not to me But to the…

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Juice Leskinen

…A one, a two, a one, two, three, four Rauhaa, rauhaa, rauhaa päälle maan me tahdotaan ja me tehdään kaikki, mikä voidaan Me rauhaa, rauhaa, rauhaa suunnitellaan ja rauhaa päälle maan me organisoidaan Me istumme…

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…wish for soothing rain All I wish is to dream again My loving heart, lost in the dark For hope, I'd give my everything My flower withered between the pages two and three The once and forever bloom gone with my sins Walk…

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The Poet and the Pendulum

…I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world Forgive me I have but two faces One for the world One for God Save me I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world My home was…

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Clouds feat. A.J. McLean

…Single mom working two jobs, struggling What she wouldn't do for some calm, she juggling Two sons, a daughter on her arm, she love her kids Never ever she'd let somebody harm or cause suffering People telling her: "talk…

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Come Undone
Anna Abreu

…say that life goes on And you must be strong But you know, there is something wrong All the beauty's gone Do you know what it's like When it falls on you And you try to carry on But you've come undone And I'm not the one

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