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High Rise

…gettin' tighter Was illogical Almost impossible That's what you get for playing with a lighter This high rise is on fire And the only way is higher and I want it Make it there like a fighter I know my life is on the…

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…The stars are coming now across the sky your disbelieve, it makes me feel alive if you don't believe that I will rise again then you haven't seen the view from where I stand I shout it from the rooftop, yeeah my mind…

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One More Magic Potion

…saw everything and everyone was singing this song With nature, trolls and the spirits of the forest We are one; let our singing rise up into the stars The witch's magic drum was still beating hard When a goblin brought…

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…Woe to all who stop at the horizon What kind of world would we call home Our own Oasis of love, humility and hope Eradicating all that`s not for life What kind of aim would we call high What kind of life would bathe in the brightest white A limitless world will rise Son of man, dare to let go of the cowardice…

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Let Go feat. Kristinia DeBarge

…moment so real So if I got swim the ocean I will Now it's wednesday stress on the brain Thinking the whole world must be against me And then I just breathe in and then breathe out What if my thursday come with an…

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Ghost Brigade

…myself awake, revenge I got it in the end And what I got, I got nothing, revenge It all turned against me It all turned against me Keeping up the straight look Just waiting the pulse Push myself away from you Take you on…

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The New Dawn

…new dawn Ride! Kill them all Fight! For our new dawn Rise! And we stand tall Feel your strength and let it rise Hear the call of their demise Let them feel your steel Have faith my friend, this is not the end Our time is…

18.44 %
The Path

…will rise and they will fall And our night drowns in gold Amidst all the tears, there's a smile That all angels greet with an envious song One look into stranger's eyes And I know where I belong I walk through the…

17.62 %
Disgusted By The Light
Ghost Brigade

…, been waiting Always praising final hours Like the time was never right Able to sense the rising light Yet still feels I'm sinking Never beared no resemblance Against any living soul You told me how you've been, been…

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