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…I've got lots of reasons to smile today Feels like the world is turning my way Come out tonight, the temperature is just right Oh my, in this light, love is what you might find Summer nights, outside, looking up at blue…

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The summer time

…I just like the summer time, it is an easy era to life in a country side, everywhere in the world, everyone likes the sun, and the light wind the hairs to wave, Do you even know, how it is to live in the north pole…

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7 Days to the Wolves

…all the dead children Howl! 7 days to the wolves Where will we be when they come 7 days to the poison And a place in Heaven Time drawing near as they come to take us This is Where heroes And cowards Part ways Light the…

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7 Days, 7 Nights
Anna Abreu

…stay strong CH: Shut your mouth and go Won't you leave me alone now I'll smash your camera phone Stay out of my private zone now Seven days a week Seven nights in a row I just want to live my life and do my show Stop…

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No One Else
Isac Elliot

…I don't need you But then I fall back under I get that feeling Back to that summer No matter what it is you keep me falling under I get that feeling, feeling for your love But when I'm alone I know I can't see myself…

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Closer to you
Park 7

…some darker days, some darker days Take a look inside my heart I really like you and I say I know that you see every day of my life my darkest moments, and when I laugh so hard that I cry you keep on loving me, no…

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11th Street Kids
Hanoi Rocks

…wroted on the walls that "Punks never die!" Hot love in the nights, the days we spent underground Well accidents happen about everyday And that day was special, 'cos Peter was taken a way, and Suzy, She moved to another…

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Friday heat (part 1)
Piia Myyry

…So much pressure on friday nights, you have seen they start to fight. The life never goes like in the book, you surely know it depends on moods. It is like the old days, after the discos, its that kind of fun, to go…

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With someone everyday

…life, is just not so big work. Or you just wish, you would have, somebody elses life, where to stay, I just want to change Pampers, and see the baby face. Everything else can just stay. All the restless days, when you…

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