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The 9th Circle

…bright are the flames we are burning in Ever smiled of the tragedies we have locked deep inside Aren't you obsessed by our hand was on the verge of beginning? Won't you cherish your fear of life that keeps us alive? Oh…

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Circle Of Fear

…from the hurt Don't do it with your pain If you want to see her smile again Don't show her you're afraid Because your circle of fear is the same Love can be as cold as grave A one-way ticket to endless sorrow An empire…

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The way of life

…know yourself, if you are a team player and want something else. but you have lied to me, selffishly enough, to have it all. I just like the business life and style, the money of course, and the hunting time for sure. I…

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Sonata Arctica

…Your life isn't illusion Time is a eager delusion A cage is a creation Of someone's imagination If life makes you glow Then glow like a star Build a night Ignore the day On the sky leaving the clouds To defy gravity…

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Elusive Reaches

…wisdom in his hand. Forlorn moon and dreadful mist The youngest brother raises his fist. All life slowly withers away And the infinite circle begins again. The trail of the winds remains unseen, For mortals their realm…

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On the Wing

…Somebody told me to shit on the wing On the edge of concentrated life the void:,:…

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The university life

…I just saw Michael Monroe,in some tapas place, he lives here in my city, we see often his face, he has hade a global career, he is a rich man, he still flyes to London,to pick up the prizes. I remember of seeing him in…

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The life flows easily

…behind the scenes, are like the nature of a human, which is not firm. You are hot like a caribean cruise, I want with you to move, we can have love all night long, so much that you dont go insane, you have all you need, life flows easily.…

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In The Nightside of Eden

…We deceive ourselves to start a war Within the realm of senses And descend to the circle number four Where we are nothing In the nightside of Eden We're born again dead Forever we are Forever we've been Forever we'll be crucified to a dream In the nightside of Eden…

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