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In the cut feat. Sairas T
Dagger D

…be sayin, another day i wanna see blood, ditchin em in the fucking mud, rest in pieces to my enemies cos i show you muthafuckas no love, huh And im off to the cold street, when i be getting up, no sleep hopin these mark…

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Cutting Corners
Hanoi Rocks

…that's a first class ticket If you wanna get away 'Coz if you hang around the greys and browns They'll just bring you down Well, it's a useless rap you got to cut the crap Go directly to the things that matter to you Have…

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During the nights
Piia Myyry

…You still do the beatings, even though it all has changed, they dont cut at all, structural changes, you all have new marriages, still the same problems are present, all the days, they dont care about it. It has been…

10.54 %
Sipp Ward

…real nigga But is it worth your whole life To end up on a Picture Or a card board BOx Yo Old lady getting knocked I respect real niggas For never calling the COPS Then yo momma be crying NOw everybody Lying Yo…

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calling to fernando
piia myyry

…starts at this time of the year, mexicon embassy has halloween party, to celebrate every year on their hall. I really dont know, any of your friends. But they must be a lot of fun, sinse yuo are with them every day, I…

9.39 %
Piia Myyry

…You control peoples walk by violance, 'nobody is good for you, you have the childrenf, but some people take care of them, you dont need to do anything else, that beat your friends, its fun for you, but long lasting…

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Morning brunch
piia myyry

…everyone enjoys the morning sun. These sleepless nights make me dizy. I need a good sleep, so things go easily. People gathered to the brunches, take a time to enjoy, and make more fun moments. i dont know how is your work…

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Everytime i post a pick these hoes stalking me send this to yall group chat yall cant fuck with me
BMW S1000

…fuck that bitch and that hoe that she bucking with she in her feelings bout a nigga that im fucking with he eat it good my pussy wet yk he loving it where he at he with me yk we thuggin bitch all hoes that used to fuck…

7.91 %
Ghost Brigade

…Sweating blood Wading in mud Pulling heavy carriage On this road to nowhere Pounding rain A roaring thunder Trying to maintain sanity Fading consciousness Every whiplash throws me back, to this nightmare I will break…

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