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Walking On Water
Anna Abreu

…'cause I've been thinking 'bout this all so much lately refrain2: Like a child I wanted to believe That we could work it out Just by walking on water But time Keeps turning things around As I watch you walk away in this…

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Take My Breath Away

away Take my breath away Watching I keep waiting Still anticipating love Never hesitating To become the fated ones Turning and returning To some secret place inside Watching in slow motion As you turn around and say Take…

47.11 %

The days were brighter Gardens more blooming The nights had more hope In their silence The wild was calling Wishes were whispering The time was there But without a meaning Away, away in time Every dream's a journey…

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The Cage

…have turned from sweet to sour and hours to days You're hiding yourself away From our cruel world's embrace And as your days turn to weeks You'll cry yourself to sleep In the cage We all have our fears, but yours are The

45.18 %
Dead to the World

…world Heaven queen, carry me Away from all pain All the same take me away We're dead to the world Dead, silent, constant Yet always changing - My favorite view of this world As he died, he will return to die in me…

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Get Away
Doom Unit

…I've decided I will live another day I was divided There's no other way You remind me Of what I've become Wake me up inside Before I come undone If I'm the one to blame I let you get away I know I had it all All the

44.09 %
Secrets Of The Earth
Ghost Brigade

…shining through our eyes Was it another big mistake We don't know maybe it's better that way Black rain falls down hard So tired to find shelter We are the ones to blame So you better walk away See yourself standing in a crowd Red light is on and we are waiting Ready to burn down the sky Born to tear down the future…

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The Path

…There is no turning back from this unending path of mine Serpentine and back it stands before my eyes To hell and back, it will lead me once more It's all I have as I stumble in and out of grace I walk through the

43.16 %
The Heart Asks Pleasure First

…Silent night surrounding me On the shore of wistful sea A kindest heart made me believe The world as I wish it to be Wind in the wheat Kiss by a hearth Little hideaways for a lonely heart Passed away in beauty’s doom…

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