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Madrid makes me sad
Piia Myyry
58.27 %
Good or bad relationship

…trees, when I hear from you. We all have had a some kind of a relationship, good or bad, its not easy to feed, if you are sad. You are really above all, everything else. You can do what you want, but it can be lonely…

30.21 %
Suvi Teräsniska

…Jos pöytä tiellä, saa se mennä Tanssia ei kukaan kiellä Siispä tartun käteesi Et yksin olla saa Aamuyöllä vaivut uneen Nouset kyytiin lentokoneen Siiven päällä istut hiljaa Kuuta kohden kukkasilla Heittelet ja minut…

24.00 %
Anna Abreu

…their beauty No more letters of forever Nothing else can move me I'm unsatisfiable So unreliable Too bad, too bad You'll never be good enough So undeniable He used to be my world I'm sad, so sad 'Coz I'll never fall in…

20.87 %
Two for Tragedy

…the candle bed Two saddened angels - in heaven, in death Now let us lie Sad we lived sad we die Even in your pride I never blamed you A mother's love Is a sacrifice Together sleeping Keeping it all No sympathy No eternity One light for each undeserved tear Beneath the candle bed Two souls with everything yet to be said

17.88 %
Don't Disappoint Me
Nylon Beat

…me Don't make me sad Don't make me sad Don't make me sad Don't make me sad Please don't say goodbye Stay one more night And make it allright In this world Where nothing seems to be allright Don't ever turn your back to…

17.60 %
Same smile for all

…All of them are divorced, their kids really need to work, its better to be happy, than sad, in every place, it lifts you anyway, it really matters, if you have money or not, it is just easier to smile, than to feel bad

14.60 %
Lost In Despair

…cannot feel Take me away Bury me in the sand cause after all these years I am still the same a sad and bitter man Crush my hope, grow my hate There's no home for me Nothing to give, nothing to say so tell me it's a dream…

13.71 %
Sigillum Diaboli

…us and you know it as well as I do Oh, so you've come from above And you say you want it all? And I cut myself for your love I'm killing myself, but you want more I can't see your sad face and your pitiful eyes Don't…

11.98 %