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Channel Four
89.73 %
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Channel four
89.73 %
Blind Eye

…I thought I found it But I know it's just a fake The chain that holds you It might bend, but it won't break Underneath the paint lies the true picture Wipe it all away, wipe it all today Blind eye The only blind eye…

87.70 %
Love Is Blind
Cristal Snow

…tonight So they cry We don’t care cuz We run wild Love is blind Got a twisted romance But it takes me high Every time we crash land I burn in hell to make you mine I won’t go to heaven If you ain’t by my side They say…

69.58 %
Café Avenue
Hanoi Rocks

…money and fame Yes I was wild, wild, wild, wild through the night Sometimes blind, blind, blind until it was light But it was my life I got prostituted, I just had to get some money, y'know But let me tell you, the more…

33.74 %
Muutoksen tuuli - Wind of change
23.39 %
Elina Arlin

…Poser - Elina Arlin She has heard it all before and learned how to ignore Mean rumours that people tell, she knows them too well Other women seem to believe she’s blind and naive Like she wouldn’t see behind the scenes…

22.29 %
Dark Light

…Shivers run through the spine Of hope as she cries The poisoned tears of a life denied In the raven-black night Holding hands with... Dark light Come shine in her lost heart tonight And blind All fears that haunt her…

21.55 %
Children Of Frost

…season of dark had gone Dream with the nomads of light Their dogs and their gods are all blind Sing as white pours from dark veins Bless all the earth that it paints The sea that we saw was a desert of snowfall The children…

19.63 %
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