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God Of Wind

…Let me tell you a story Story of a man Who wants to be a god God of the wind He dressed to brown Brown leather clothes He used a bone mace And ate mushrooms He lived in the woods There trees are huge Only friends were…

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The Heart Asks Pleasure First

…Silent night surrounding me On the shore of wistful sea A kindest heart made me believe The world as I wish it to be Wind in the wheat Kiss by a hearth Little hideaways for a lonely heart Passed away in beauty’s doom…

72.42 %
I Am The Storm

…All my life I have been a pariah, an outcast Sailing on, crossing oceans while cursing the shore Forsaken and ignored The choices I made The pride that I paid All that I gave was all in vain In silence I've suffered…

65.33 %
Crows Bring The Spring

…flames Bring warmth with crows Reveals stones from the snow You can see the snow On the mountain tops And brook's to the sea Soon sun rises over the hills [Chorus:] Endless sky, burning red Purple clouds touch the top of the mountain And in the wind, I hear those crows They will bring the spring And take the cold away…

63.90 %

…unknown There's no place for him in this world, and no ties and all this hate and grief unite in his mind Windrider - seeks freedom with vengeance on his mind to escape from the crimson skygrave and fly away Windrider…

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The summer time

…I just like the summer time, it is an easy era to life in a country side, everywhere in the world, everyone likes the sun, and the light wind the hairs to wave, Do you even know, how it is to live in the north pole…

61.72 %
Out Of The Ashes

…Once a wolf in wilderness Now caged in darkness Once a child of the wind Flame burning inside, eyes open wide Betrayed by my own kind Displayed in a cage like my father One day I will break all the chains and my heart…

58.66 %
On the Wing

…Somebody told me to shit on the wing On the edge of concentrated life the void:,:…

57.55 %
The Riddler

…Riddler, Riddler ask me why The birds fly free on a mackerel sky Ask me whither goes the wind Whence the endless tick-tick stream begins Make me guess if the Earth is flat or round Set a quessing if fantasies are…

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