He appears from the mists of a dismal lake and the sky crumbles as he flies through the dimensions alone The night has laid a cape on his shoulders and with a grin on his face he attacks with his loyal soldiers Into the unknown

There's no place for him in this world, and no ties and all this hate and grief unite in his mind

Windrider - seeks freedom with vengeance on his mind to escape from the crimson skygrave and fly away Windrider - is waiting for the final day when he'll be released from the shackles of a slave

In the eye of the storm he rides with jaded memories of his life as the fires are dancing colorfully, he is struggling to survive Trapped in a maze, can't get away, what have you became now take the hammer of the elders and crush your way out

His presence is shaking the land as he stands at the mountain peak His instincts are getting weak, but there is still hunger in his eyes, that keeps him alive

He wears the mask of the hunted Arts of light for him have been granted He lives in the fragments of time waiting for his time to die


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