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…that to the family, suddenly everything has changed from the start. i dont see you at all, but you still must always find the right hole. If you dont like closeness or pure love, you can always choose something else…

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Muutoksen tuuli - Wind of change
31.35 %
Centre Of My Universe
Hanoi Rocks

…friend I'm alone in the centre of my universe Time is a file – if revealed it would be most unkind Better stop tryin' to change the past And try to find something that will last I walked on hoping someday Someone would come…

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Something better

…WORDS she meant to say to me ALL THESE WORDS against my faith ALL THESE WORDS before she passed away ALL THESE WORDS will never never never change! (woo-oo-oo-oo) We found something better Plain answer, however For I'll…

14.95 %
Doom Unit

…Once again I stand alone with a simple plan, of a humble man And someone told me I should never lean a hand, I'll do best I can You had it all and I got nothing at all It changed your life forever Rise or fall, it means…

14.73 %

…Be still my bleeding heart For we have come so far And life's about to change While home it was so near The road became our trail of tears Is there anything that's permanent Why everything that's beautiful must end…

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On hanget korkeat, nietokset

…On hanget korkeat, nietokset, vaan joulu, joulu on meillä! On kylmät, paukkuvat pakkaset ja tuimat Pohjolan tuuloset, vaan joulu, joulu on meillä. Me taasen laulamme riemuiten, kun joulu, joulu on meillä! Se valtaa…

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Designs On You
Hanoi Rocks

…heartache If that's you want It's only you I want As it's only human If your mind should change You find out about your friends When you're out on the leap It's hard to socialize when of you is all they speak Can't find no…

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