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If i hurt you i'm sorry, darling don't you worry coz i really really love you baby
Bunny mack

…if i hurt you im sorry darling dont you worry coz I really really love you baby

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I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)

…Can't you see, my darling, That the harder I try The more we grow apart Please believe me The sweeter the kiss The colder turn your arms And the colder grows your heart And, baby, more I love you I see it in your eyes…

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Don't you ever leave me
Hanoi Rocks

…then nothing will drag me away Don't you ever leave me baby Don't you ever leave me now Don't you ever leave me baby If you leave me you will kill me now Now that some much time has passed I know that this love of ours…

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I still love you

you 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love Honey, honey, baby, honey, I feel so bad You left me, I feel so sad Boogie, boogie, boogie, baby please don't go Can't you see that, I still love

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Hani do you can

…Have I ever told you that I really love you Have I ever told you, honey baby, be-pop-a-loo-vai-viimeksi? You don't care how I wear my hair. You know my hair is everywhere.. It's so beautiful. And honey baby you are mine…

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Download mp3 i love you boy i love you too its you and i baby its me and you aint no matter what they say

I love you boy…

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You Don't Get Me
Anna Abreu

don't get me At all Take a look in the mirror and what do you see Is the face staring back really worthy of me Well, I've got news for you, boy Yeah, I've got news for you, boy I will never ever be your toy refrain No…

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You really like it
Piia Myyry

…crimes againt the humans, at your work. You really care about the money, you get it illegal way, you just need to make mistakes, all the time, you have the criminal fun you all love sex and violencce, for you its just fun…

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Don't Close Your Heart

…to believe in anything Baby, just don't close your heart Darling, don't let me down I know how easy it is to let go Surrender to despair lurking at your door To lose your soul and all your feelings Strength all gone…

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