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…I'm crawling over Into your mind It's getting colder Behind my eyes Painted on your face I see Remains of true beauty Torn apart by ignorance Left alone to bleed Incomplete All I am And out of reach Falling fast And…

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Chasing Highs

…first one to move? I wanna get closer to you (I wanna get closer to you) And I better know what to do Who's gonna be the first one to move? I wanna get closer to you chorusI was chasing highs Then I found you We're doing…

19.20 %
Bad King

…Now he knows that its about faith, not about losers getting paid. Waiting for tomorrow. Counting his money, ready to play. Hoping that God will come and save. Waiting for tomorrow. It’s hot - he makes the moves of…

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Sitting at the kitchen

…the days, just wasting the time, I make some movies nowadays, when I have time, of music, tro to earn money, somehow. I dont know how easy it all is, but at least, I have tried, I dont feel like sitting in the kitchen…

15.81 %
Treacherous Gods

…Skies And Treacherous Gods Shall Fall Watching through the falling snow there's no sign of life The fire has gone out in the whirl of time Behold the face of thunder the storm is getting near When the sky calls my name…

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The other land
Piia Myyry

…on it. You all like to see crimes and get excited, of the movies, where there is drama, you like to relax and have a good time, you all get ecxited of FBI miami kind of lifes, you like romance they dont give it to you…

14.72 %
Arrange crimes
Piia Myyry

…You all beat the new music, you live like teens, in your new jobs, getting a lift to your own world, you never leave anywhere, you stay home and wait for your friends, all your friends are the same, they like to see…

14.42 %
Get stoned

…growing long and Your bored mind is getting crasy Get stoned! Get stoned! Get stoned! Get stoned, your ears are bleeding And you have become stone deaf Get stoned, and get again until the end 'Till you're stone dead So get stoned again…

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…much, I have my own life to fight obout. without the business you would be an ordernary guy, now you are lift to the different level and so far. We have seen you a lot in tv, i have seen your dad, we are getting along…

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