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Heaven Tonight

…my heaven tonight (I'm in love with you) You are my heaven tonight Trying to find the heart you hide Trying to find the heart you hide in vain Oh, in vain And you're my heaven in life And you're my heaven in death, baby Life and death, my darling (I'm in love with you) You are my heaven tonight That's right (I'm in love with you)…

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Meadows of Heaven

…I close my eyes, the lantern dies The scent of awakening, wild-honey and dew Childhood games, woods and lakes Streams of silver, toys of olden days Meadows of Heaven The flowers of wonder and the hidden treasures In…

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Heartache Every Moment

…From lashes to ashes and from lust to dust In your sweetest torment, I'm lost And no heaven can help us Ready, willing, and able to lose it all For a kiss so fatal and so warm Oh, it's heartache every moment From the…

25.30 %
For the Heart I Once Had

Heaven today is but a way To a place I once called home Heart of a child, one final sigh As another love goes cold Once my heart beat to the rhythm of the falling snow Blackened below, the river now flows A stream of…

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The Phantom Gate

…too long And it has become our funeral pyre I spread my wings for you Heaven, let your gate be open I'll bless you with venomous kisses And death in its own beauty Listen to my heart, to my Listen to my heart, to my…

20.93 %
Dead to the World

…die a scarless man A lonely soul (Tell me now what to do) I studied silence to learn the music I joined the sinful to regain innocence Heaven queen, cover me In all that blue Little boy, such precious joy Is dead to the…

18.84 %
For You

…part I'm for you - and I'm dying for your love I'm for you - and my heaven is wherever you are I'm for you - and I'm dying for your love I'm for you - and my heaven is wherever you are In 666 ways I love you and my heaven

18.21 %
Deep Silent Complete

…In your creation heaven did decree That in your arms sweet death should dwell Deep Silent Complete Black velvet sea The sirens are calling for me Saved my soul thinking "This song's a lie" Sand on the shore is so dry…

17.80 %
7 Days to the Wolves

…poison And a place in Heaven Time drawing near as they come to take us This is my church of choice Love’s strength standeth in love’s sacrifice For the rest, I have to say to you I will dream like the God And suffer like…

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