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…, I'm just one Oh God, help me Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please, God, help me Darkness Imprisoning me All that I see Absolute horror I cannot live I cannot die Trapped in myself Body my holding cell Landmine…

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Ghost Brigade

…Now, I'm still here to love you But I need you to be ready One day you have to carry me And lay me down to the hole It's a shame I'm not the light you need When you feel lost in the dark It's a shame you can not follow…

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One Pack
Kaitlyn Maher

…Everything is so simple Started at the big apple Now we know where we livin' And we just flying high No one is a destination And go with the celebration And going up to the sky (Oh Oh Oh Oh) Wanna howl in the moon at…

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STILL TRE ft. Costi
Jami Faltin

…sanat niiku mul ois cheat day God damn emmä jauha vaan teen suoraan annalasta menin soittolistan kanteen STILL TRE Costi koodaa mis meet Tässä lännes vieres pari bitches STILL TRE älä ota ittees Kato ittees jos mä sanon…

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In love with you

…need it. Luckily you are in a good shape, you can do it every day, Nowadays it is just "para ti" lot of love, and kids to feed. I have been tainted to the ordinary life, it is just a hole in one for a lifetime. The…

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The One I Remember Most
Nylon Beat

…I try to recall the faces deep in my heart I feel like a million ages tear us all apart Though some are so far from me, forgotten almost You are the one I remember most We all have a star above us shining so bright My…

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One Last Time

one last time Ever amazed how bright are the flames we are burning in Ever smiled at the tragedies we hold inside My darling, won't you cherish The fear of life that keeps you and me so alive? Oh, at least you could try…

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You are the one
Piia Myyry

…the whole day to do something, you just roll around the streets, and do nothing, you sit all day at home, and wait for the second day, or evening, you have nothing to be afraid of, you are the one, jwho peope are fed up for, you can really say with your friends, ill men do the decidions, of behalf of their friends.…

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