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Young And Restless

…She's a fast driver, yeah On the highway Where I go I don't know Free riders, yeah Life's on the line and I might never make it home When all the work is up Who gives a F? We just got paid And we forget about the…

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Violence and substance abuse
Pelle Miljoona United

…sitting at home, waiting for their dads pay real well for Liisa for the honey they got in And with that money Liisa buys some more heroin Do not ask me where all this violence comes from! Do not ask me why there is so much substance abuse!…

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Candour And Lies

…didn't know I had it all. On the fields of victories And defeats A drifter's life is both longing and dreams then reality. (instrumental) Wasted time, Candour and lies, For what I left behind, I know the price was high. (2x) No tears to cry, No words to make it right, But now I know that home is Where my heart desires.…

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Here And Now

…No sound, only silence breaking down all these walls Two souls melting shadows, as we fall through the end of time So don't move, pull me under In this breath, I am lost Here and now is all we have One night, nothing…

45.20 %

…Get it Now, now, get it, now, now, get it, Now, now, now, now, Get it now. Waking up and I'm sober Angel up on my shoulder Say whatever you want about me but say whatup to a soldier Waited til it was over, Waited til…

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The Poet and the Pendulum

…of hell One last perfect verse Is still the same old song Oh Christ how I hate what I have become Take me home Getaway, runaway, fly away Lead me astray to dreamer's hideaway I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more…

36.77 %

…aside and turned Into your own All cause you won't listen Listen I am alone at a crossroad I'm not at home in my own home And I tried and tried to say what's on my mind And you should have known Oh, now I'm done…

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The white sand beaches

…be your bunny hole day. My friends have become cheerleaders, they are interested,' o cute guys, and everything, which feeds them. its now a rainy evening, I stay home and think, of days in the spanish climat. Mornings were just fun, take a coffee, and lay under the sun. At the white sandbeaches, only wine bottles drinking.…

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Speed And Danger
Battle Beast

…Danger, Speed and Danger Driving me insane Car wrecks and bodies and damage beyond repair It's kill or be killed That's how you play this game (Solo) Get out of my way, man Get out of my way now Get out of my way, man, or…

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