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Join Me In Death

…Baby, join me in death We are so young Our lives have just begun But already, we're considering Escape from this world And we've waited for so long For this moment to come We're so anxious to be together Together in…

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Scared To Death

…In the biblical sense and sensibility Let me know you I'll kiss that smile off your face Just say when I'm not afraid to say I love you Any more than I used to be, babe I am scared to death I am scared to death to fall…

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When Love And Death Embrace

…I'm in love with you And it's crushing my heart All I want is you To take me into your arms When love and death embrace I love you And you're crushing my heart I need you Please take me into your arms When love and death embrace Oh, when love and death When love and death When love and death embrace…

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Death Is In Love With Us

…I know it hurts too much I know that you're scared I know you're running out of trust And wishing you were dead But in your misery You're not alone So come share your tears with me And witness it all go wrong I know…

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Love In Cold Blood

…Serpentine love's thighs wrap around me in search for death Drenched in blood the adored and beloved will give in to' Love in cold blood Breathe me in sweet suffering Love in cold blood Put me out of my misery Love's…

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Behind The Crimson Door

…by the fall Alive behind the crimson door While the winter sings: "Your love will be the death of me" Death served wine for lovers Brought from the world where devils reign And intoxicated angels with sorrow They…

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Poison Girl

…I did it all just for her I did it all just for her And love's heart is death For me and my poison girl A prey she was for the cruelty of love While its serpent inside crawled straight towards her heart The coldest…

33.16 %
Killing Loneliness

…us to stay We disappear in the lie forever And denounce the power of death over our souls And secret words are said to start a war With the venomous kiss you gave me I'm killing loneliness (Killing loneliness) With the…

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Hand of Doom

…What you gonna do? Time's caught up with you Now you wait your turn, you know there's no return Take your written rules, you join the other fools Turn to something new, now it's killing you First it was the bomb…

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