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If You Love Me
Satin Circus

…now we would be Standing on the porch together Holding on to love Who felt so strong I know it's not gone So if you lo-o-o-ve me Hey baby, take me by the fire And just say those words again And I'd do it like back…

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Love You Like I Do

…On my heart, I'll bear the shame No prayer can ease the pain No one will love you No one will love you the way I do No one will love you, love you like I do And there's no escape Just countless mistakes No one will…

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Give your love to me
Piia Myyry

love me easliy, you want to sit on restaurants with me, when i tease you, its all easy, GIve your love to me, be my love, its easy. Came and get me tonight, its your life, you can have it all, you are my love tonight, say you love, its easy. Show your skin, tease me, do it all, its easy.…

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Would You Love A Matoman

…understand Beauty of the beast I would do it all for you Would you do it all Do it all for me Take your time You'll be fine Yeah there is nothing wrong with this You ain't commit no crime You don't know why We pass you

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Download mp3 i love you boy i love you too its you and i baby its me and you aint no matter what they say

…I love you boy…

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…only moment I used to experience true love That love remains infinite As I'll never be the man my father is How can you "just be yourself" When you don't know who you are? Stop saying "I know how you feel" How could…

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Junkie For Your Love
Anna Abreu

Do you miss me when you're lonely? Or is it wishful thinking in my head Cause I'm lonely for you only And I'm not quite done with us yet I'm dialing And I'm dialing But every time I hang up the phone refrain: I can't…

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I still love you

…Once I, honey said that, I love you so And you said to me, are you are not to go But you left me, I feel so bad Everything is so blue, I feel so bad 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love

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Hani do you can

…. Honey baby what you gonna do? And how do you do? Baby, baby I just want to you. I want to fuck and screw. And I just want to fuck and screw. And how do you dance? Baby baby be-bob-a-loo-love-loo. Oh my sweet pussycat…

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