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NDJENJA [English Lyrics]

…tear up I can’t stop I gifted you many if my years They were all dreams Chorus: Why are you playing with FEELINGS It’s not ok to play with feelings-you Where are you my love Where is our love? Why are you playing with feelings Oh baby i love you My love I’m your real one…

51.96 %
Little sister feat. Tilly
Jeremy Folderol

there To fight my fears When I'm in doubt You make sure To take me back Out of the war No matter what I crash into I always know One thing is true I will never be alone You half-way-stay I will never be alone Life jacket…

33.70 %
To interfere

…, I dont want to see these people no more, they are always teasing me, we all are already adults, seems that they havent grown up at all, just going downwards for sure. The life here is not the big city life, where…

15.44 %
14.68 %
Velvet Ocean

…Music and lyrics: Jake Ronkainen Born white in a place So grey there's no colour at all Cold black winter tears Running down my face Wish there were words to say how I feel I wasn't always like this Maybe then you…

13.84 %
Right Here In My Arms

here in my arms So in love She'll be right here in these arms She can't let go She'll be right here in my arms So in love She'll be right here in these arms She can't let go So hard she's trying But her heart won't…

13.00 %
Here And Now

…No sound, only silence breaking down all these walls Two souls melting shadows, as we fall through the end of time So don't move, pull me under In this breath, I am lost Here and now is all we have One night, nothing…

13.00 %
Vaaleanpunainen Jantteri
Jere Lilja
12.95 %
Music everywhere
Anna Abreu
12.70 %