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You get the excitement
Piia Myyry

…You all have your another side, like Ville Valo, like the erotics and passion, which excitement gives, you really like the violence and sex, like adults women are just toys for you, you get the exitement, of the illegal…

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I Just Died In Your Arms

list I try to be discreet But then blow it again I've lost and found It's my final mistake she's loving by proxy No give and all take 'cos I've been thrilled to fantasy one too many times. Oh I, I just died in your arms…

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Better together

…i got solo[?] i even changed my name Trying to gain some fame, but left me feeling ashamed Then you opened my eyes and it filled my heart I learned that love can heal what falls apart Cause every story has two sides to…

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Rodhouse blues

…that You said you'd rub my back Instead we end end up doing things I've never even heard of But you were just being nice, right? I get lonely everytime I see the same old faces crawling inside at nights I could really…

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You know my name
chris cornell

…You know my name

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Lets get engaged
Piia Myyry

…Lets get in gaged fernando, I want to live with you, We have to love more, I want you baby for sure, I makea me happy to be surrounded, by my own fools. I have waited long enough, I am not a child no more, I am tired…

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Steen1 feat. Mariska

…Mariska: This bruise huh?, "I dunno where it came from", even tho it was one nurse/caretaker, I'm not sure if he got some kicks when he forced in to same wc-booth, I yelled get out so he confused my face to a mop…

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…the sunset When you go down I feel like I'm in heaven baby College kids don't even have a clue You're gonna get me dazzled by that leopard pattern I feel like I'm unstoppable and you are way too fuckable tonight We're…

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My name is kääriäinen
Jope Ruonansuu

…My name is Kääriäinen! Seppo Kääriäinen! Toiset soimaa ydinvoimaa Se on väärin Täysin väärin Naama vääntyy Takki kääntyy Mutta peräänny ei Iisalmen mies Mä en soimaa ydinvoimaa Se on oikein Aivan oikein Saamme voimaa…

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