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…, playing with the girls like the toys so far. You should be in restaurant with me, we have had a lready time to talk and love to feed, you can choose your own path, like changing every day a new hat. it doesnt impress me…

59.68 %
You never change your things
Piia Myyry

…between the good things, you never change your things, you have the same group of people, they take the distance with anger,. thats what you need. You all want to stay around, living like this like countryside, you all…

24.83 %
Muutoksen tuuli - Wind of change
22.52 %
Red bul antaa siivet

…Hei hei hei red bul antaa siivet joo joo joo red bul antaa siivet joo joo joo red bul antaa siivet vaikka missä tilanteessa jos on kaupassa tai ravintolassa tai tonkimassa roskiksia tai ihan koti sohvalla tai titi…

22.11 %
While Your Lips Are Still Red

…back A passionate hour's never a wasted one The violin, the poet's hand, Every thawing heart plays your theme with care Kiss while your lips are still red While he's still silent Rest while bosom is still untouched…

18.13 %
Isac Elliot

…way I just wanna change the tempo But you're always trying to slow it down Tired of being stuck in a red zone, red zone, oh The way the body moves, so vicious Make me wanna crush right here and now I just wanna close…

17.74 %
Tervetuloa helvettiin feat. Red Army
16.89 %

…dream will would never last I can not change the past In my nightmares I'm with you There is no applause While this curtain falls We're hand in hand, we're side by side I am your groom and you're my bride From your cold red lips I will drink the wine Just to feel alive I must learn to say goodbye…

16.08 %
Doom Unit

…Once again I stand alone with a simple plan, of a humble man And someone told me I should never lean a hand, I'll do best I can You had it all and I got nothing at all It changed your life forever Rise or fall, it means…

15.53 %